THE BLIND CAT National Federation of the Blind Jacobus tenBroek Library

Welcome to THE BLIND CAT, the online public access catalog of the
National Federation of the Blind Jacobus tenBroek Research Library

Located at the NFB Jernigan Institute in Baltimore, the tenBroek Library is the only research library on blindness owned and operated by the blind themselves.

THE BLIND CAT is the first general-use library catalog to be developed in collaboration with blind access technology specialists. We welcome comments and suggestions from any catalog user on their experiences in using THE BLIND CAT. You may direct your remarks to

At present THE BLIND CAT is limited to records for a few thousand printed books and periodicals, and the catalog provides direct online access only to certain NFB publications. TenBroek Library staff members are constantly adding entries to the catalog, acquiring additional material for the library collection, and linking more full-text digital files to catalog entries. Hard-copy materials in the collection do not circulate and are intended for use at the NFB Jernigan Institute.

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