THE BLIND CAT National Federation of the Blind Jacobus tenBroek Library

NFB Jacobus tenBroek Library Online Catalog FAQs


Question:         How does a “keyword” search differ from a “browse” search?

Answer:           A keyword search will find entries in which the keyword is either

·         anywhere in the specified field (for author, title and subject searches) or

·         anywhere at all in an entry (for the general “keyword search”).

If more than one keyword is entered, the search will return only those records that contain all of the keywords (implied Boolean “and”).


A browse search identifies entries that begin with the same letters as are entered in the search box.


Question:         I am unable to retrieve the full text of Braille Monitor issues before 1987.  Why?


Answer:           We have not yet completed our project of retrospectively digitizing the Braille Monitor and Voice of the Diabetic.  We have a limited number of extra copies of certain back issues of the Braille edition of the Braille Monitor, which we will distribute free for the asking.  We will also provide photocopies of articles from the print edition of either magazine for a nominal fee.


Question:         I am unsure of the spelling of an author’s name. How can I search for more than one spelling at a time?


Answer:           Use the percent sign (%) as a “wildcard.” The wildcard will substitute for any missing letters (or characters or spaces) in a word or name. For example, a search for “Jacobs%n” will retrieve both “Jacobsen” and “Jacobson.” Similarly, a keyword search of titles for “disab%” will retrieve entries whose titles include the word “disability,” or “disabilities,” or “disabled.”


Question:         When I search for an author, I sometimes get a positive response (“Your search returned 1 heading”) but no actual heading to click on. What to do?


Answer:           Click on the Author tab above the search box and repeat your search. This allows the system to reset.


Question:         Using the Keyword tab, I’ve done a search on <India travel> and “Little house on the prairie” showed up! What gives?


Answer:           If you click on the “Little house” link, then click on the View Full Bibliographic Details link, you’ll see the plot summary for the book. The words “Indians” and “travels” appear in the plot summary. Since “India” and “travel” appear within those words, the record was retrieved (much to everyone’s surprise).