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WE ARE OPEN!!!!! Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm, closed for sanitation 12pm-12:45pm.

Please note that MASKS and your valid community association card will be required to enter.

We ask that if you are feeling ill to please refrain from entering the library.

We also will be practicing social distancing. Please take note of any instructions and queuing procedures.

All items except puzzles must be returned through the book drop. Returned items are quarantined and will appear as "checked out" on your account until safety and staffing permit. This will not affect the number of items you can borrow. This pertains to both Sun City Center and Hillsborough County items.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as these procedures are in place to protect both you, the patron, and our many volunteers and employees. Please remember that our volunteers are here out of the kindness of their hearts and we hope that kindness and understanding is given back to them. We will be operating with a reduced staff so wait times and restrictions should be expected.

Thank you,

The Sun City Center Community Library Staff

Hillsborough County Holds

We are back to our normal delivery schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please note, your notification from Hillsborough may read "Curbside Pickup". We are not providing this service as we are open. You may come inside, with your mask and card, to pickup your county items.

Featured Author

Viola Shipman

Viola Shipman is a pen name for Wade Rouse, a popular, award-winning memoirist. Rouse chose his grandmothers name, Viola Shipman, to honor the woman whose charm bracelet and family stories inspired him to write his debut novel, which is a tribute to all of our elders. Rouse lives in Michigan and writes regularly for People and Coastal Living, among other places, and is a contributor to All Things Considered. To date, The Charm Bracelet has been translated into nine languages.

New Book : The Heirloom Garden

In her inimitable style, Viola Shipman explores the unlikely relationship between two very different women brought together by the pain of war, but bonded by hope, purpose…and flowers.

Iris Maynard lost her husband in World War II, her daughter to illness and, finally, her reason to live. Walled off from the world for decades behind the towering fence surrounding her home, Iris has built a new family…of flowers. Iris propagates her own daylilies and roses while tending to a garden filled with the heirloom starts that keep the memories of her loved ones alive.

When Abby Peterson moves next door with her family—a husband traumatized by his service in the Iraq War and a young daughter searching for stability—Iris is reluctantly yet inevitably drawn into her boisterous neighbor’s life, where, united by loss and a love of flowers, she and Abby tentatively unearth their secrets, and help each other discover how much life they have yet to live.

With delightful illustrations and fascinating detail, Viola Shipman’s heartwarming story will charm readers while resonating with issues that are so relevant today.

As Jo packs, she hears news of a bombing. Samuel went off to find work in Wyoming that morning, but soon enough, it's clear that he's not gone but missing, last seen by a security camera near the district courthouse, now a crime scene, in Elk Fork. And the nine-year-old daughter of a pastor at a nearby church lies in critical condition.

Can the person Jo loves and trusts most have done this terrible thing? Can she have missed the signs? The last time their family met violence, Jo lost her ability to walk. Samuel took care of her, outfitted their barn with special rigging so she could still ride their mule. What secrets has he been keeping? As Jo watches the pastor fight for his daughter, watches the authorities hunt down a criminal, she wrestles with an impossible choice: Must she tell them where Samuel might be? Must she choose between loyalty and justice? Between the brother she knows and the man he has become?

A timely story of the tensions splintering families and communities all over this country, S.M. Hulse's Eden Mine is also a steady-eyed gaze into the ideals of the West and the legacies of violence, a moving account of faith in the face of evil, and a heartrending reckoning of the terrible choices we make for the ones we love.